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The Vancouver Skating Club is governed entirely by a volunteer board of directors. Our primary mandate is to create an environment that maximizes the potential for all skaters and provides a positive experience for all members. The success of the Club depends on the volunteer efforts of the members. Volunteering in the Club is a great opportunity to learn about the sport of figure skating and how the club runs, as well as a fun way to meet other Club members and have a good time while helping out. There are many ways to volunteer in the Club. 

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the volunteer opportunities below please send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator directly to discuss. Thank you for volunteering. We appreciate your time and talents.

Families may choose to either (Applicable to Starskate & Podium Skaters only):

  1. Donate the $300.00 fee at the time of registration, or
  2. Volunteer for the Club and your post dated payment will be added to your initial registration invoice – the amount of $300.00 payable March 2025.  Please select multi-payment option for invoice payment. ((Volunteer Fee – payment is processed mid March, 2025 only if 15 volunteer credits are not completed during Spring, Summer, Fall 2024 & Winter 2025 sessions.)

The $300 volunteer fee may be earned back by completing 15 credits worth of volunteer service. Credit values for individual tasks are listed below. The volunteer credits must be earned during the Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter sessions.

Email notification will be sent out when volunteers are needed and tasks will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure they fulfill the minimum 15 credits. Please complete Volunteer Credits Recording Sheet to receive credits.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Music Playing
    (1 credit per session)
    Volunteers play the music for freeskate sessions or Club simulations. See music player instructions in the music binder at each rink.
  • Test Days
    (credits will be given accordingly)
    Held throughout the year, volunteers play music for the skaters who are taking tests in various levels.
  • Program Assistants
    (1 credit per session)
    Club skaters, age 10 and over, can assist the CanSkate coaches on the ice.
  • Emergency first aid kits
    (15 credits)
    Verify and replenish inventory in 6 first aid kits.
  • Fundraising
    (credits will be given accordingly)
    Volunteers assist at various events held throughout the year.
  • Club Wear
    (credits will be given accordingly)
    Volunteers organize try on sessions, coordinate orders, deliver to volunteer reps.
  • Christmas Event 
    (credits will be given accordingly)
    Annual event held at Christmas, volunteers help organize and promote the event, sell tickets and decorate.
  • Club Competition
    (credits will be given accordingly)
    Annual event held after the Spring session, volunteers help organize the event.
  • Award Banquet
    (credits will be given accordingly)
    Annual event held after the Spring session, volunteers help organize and promote the event, sell tickets and decorate.
  • OFF Ice Tent (Summer Term)
    (credits will be given accordingly)
    Summer Off Ice held outside under tent, volunteers needed to set up tent (start of Summer) and take down tent (end of Summer).
  • Marketing – Notice Boards
    (15 credits)
    Update and maintain the Club’s notice boards at Karen Magnussen, the DOME, and Canlan Sports as well as the trophy cabinet at Canlan Sports following the Awards Banquet.
  • Club Signs
    (15 credits)
    Volunteer applies for permits from District North Vancouver, puts up and takes down wooden advertising signs (3-4 times per year around time of registration); maintenance of signs as necessary.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. We always appreciate your efforts in our fundraising endeavors. If you have any questions or would like to join our fundraising committee, please feel free to email volunteering@vancouverskatingclub.ca