Skaters may do their dance, skills, freeskate and interpretive tests throughout the skating year. Dates for club and centralized tests are below.
CLUB TESTS   Senior Bronze to Gold Freeskate, Skills & Dance 

                                          – Introductory to Gold Interpretive



ONLINE due date

August 8, 2019

 Ice Sports North Shore
10:30am – 11:15am
July 22, 2019

*All Test Applications for CLUB tests are to be submitted On-line. Please go to to apply for a test.

– *Diamond Dance
–  Also any other tests as listed under Club Tests



ONLINE due date


Aug 10, 2019


Jul 26, 2019


 All Test Applications for Centralized tests are to be submitted On-line. Please go to to apply for a test.

 If you have any questions, please contact Elaine Chong, VSC Test Coordinator at Phone: 604-985-8147

**Please take note of this Test Chair information since you will need it to complete your test application.**

Test Levels

Skaters can go through the Skate Canada Test program in several areas:

  • Freeskate
  • Skills
  • Dance
  • Interpretive

It takes many years of hard work to complete all the test levels.

STAR Test Program

Skate Canada is in the process of changing their tests to coordinate with the new STAR skating program.

Presently, clubs are starting to assess their skaters by using the STAR 1-5 test program, where coaches evaluate their own skaters on regular lesson ice in Freeskate, Skills and Dance.  These five levels of tests will cover what the former Preliminary and Junior Bronze level tests had assessed.

Club Tests

Club tests are done on club ice and are evaluated by a judge during a designated test session.  Skaters can take from Senior Bronze to Gold Level Freeskate, Skills and Dance tests along with introductory to Gold level Interpretive tests.

Skaters have to apply for their test(s) on-line on the VSC Test Registry when a coach tells them that they are ready to test.

Centralized Tests

Centralized tests include all of the tests mentioned under Club tests. These tests are done on Centralized test days at a rink in the BC Coast Region area and are evaluated by a judge. Coaches/clubs can opt to have their skaters test at these sessions instead of on home ice.

*All DIAMOND dance tests have to be evaluated at a Centralized test day.

Skaters apply for their test(s) on-line using the  BC Coast Test Registry.

Tests done at Competitions

Certain competitions allow particular tests to be done. There will be two different panels of judges watching the skater at the same time while the program is being skated.  One will be judging the skater for the competition, and the other will evaluate the skater using test criteria. This usually requires that the skater competes at a level above what she/he has already passed. This is called “skating up”.

Please follow the directions in the Competition Annoucement on how to register for a test.

Test Results

Skaters will know if they passed or need to retry their test(s) by the end of the test day. Coaches will review the test marks and comments with the skater. The skater will receive a copy of their test paper – please keep the test paper in a safe spot at home, since the paper may be needed in the future to prove that a skater has passed the test.  The club Test Chair (Coordinator) will be forwarding test results to Skate Canada for their records.

If you have any questions, please contact Elaine Chong, VSC Test Chair (Coordinator):


More technical details about figure skating testing