The Vancouver Skating Club is a non-profit organization.

We have been providing programs and a place for young people to learn the values of sportsmanship, discipline, friendship, and more since 1934.

 Our members who have graduated from our programs now serve as leaders, parents, business people, and mentors in BC and around the world.

Most people do not know that we are not for profit.   The club operates on a small budget and has some funding and is part of Skate Canada.

Donations and monetary support goes to not only helping us operate but also providing resources for our members in their goals in the sport as well as for our community events.

Please consider giving to us.   Every gift counts and can make a difference.    Please contact us if you would like to support or sponsor some of our events.

You can also give by donating with this button below.

Lastly, we wanted to show this video of how supporting Vancouver Skating Club has made a difference in the life of one young man, Liam Firus.

Our club has raised funds to help this young man with his dream and today he continues to be a role model for many.   He is our very own Olympian and Canadian Bronze medallist.

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