Vancouver Skating Club Board – 2017/2018

The VSC Board of Directors is made up entirely of volunteers elected by members of the Club at the Annual General Meeting held at the end of the skating year. The responsibility of the Board of Directors is to ensure that the club programs function effectively and safely, in a financially sound manner, in order to fulfill the Club mandate.

The Board will endeavour to address matters brought forward in a timely manner. Issues or concerns may be brought to the Board’s attention through a formal letter to the Board either in writing or via email sent to the Vancouver Skating Club’s mailing address or email address.

The VSC Board of Directors positions are as follows:

Executive Board Members:

o   President: Clare Dean

o   Vice President: Tom Kritikos

o   Past President:

o   Treasurer: Janice Sardari

o   Secretary: Claire Ferrier

o   Program Pricing:

o   Fundraising & Marketing: Nina Meredith

Members at Large:  Mike Kuiack, Claire Ferrier, Peggy Zhao, Bethann Wright

Non Board Positions:

Test Chair: Elaine Chong

Assistant Test Chair:  Debbie Anderson-Eng

2nd Assistant Test Chair:

Volunteer Coordinator: Jennifer Biro

Club Administrator: Penny Reid

–   Competitive/STAR & Group Registrar

–  Treasurer Assistant

–  Administration Support – Board, Coaches & Members

–  Web Liaison