Skaters may do their dance, skills, freeskate and interpretive tests throughout the skating year. Dates for low and high tests are below.
LOW TESTS   –Preliminary, Jr. Bronze, Sr. Bronze, Jr. Silver Freeskate & Skills 

                      -Preliminary, Jr. Bronze, Sr. Bronze Dances




ONLINE due date

August 3, 2017

 Ice Sports North Shore
3:00 – 5:00pm
July 14, 2017

**NEW**All Test Applications for LOW Tests are now to be submitted ONLINE. Please go to to apply for a test.

For more information and helpful tips on “HOW to Register ONLINE ”  – please see click on this link   document.

Non VSC Members testing at VSC Low Tests will be charged a $10.00 administration fee.  This will be collected on test day. 

CENTRALIZED/HIGH TESTS – all tests not included in Low Tests


ONLINE due date

August 12, 2017


Friday July 28, 2017



 All Test Applications for Centralized/High tests are to be submitted ONLINE. Please go to to apply for a test.

 Payment through PayPal will be required at the time of on-line registration. The appropriate Coaches and the Club Test Chair will be sent an e-mail to ask them to approve the test(s) in order to complete the registration process. *Please do not wait until the last day to register, due to this required approval* and because registration is first come, first served due to limited ice time.

 For more information regarding this new Test Application system, please go to

 If you have any questions, please contact Elaine Chong, VSC Test Coordinator at Phone: 604-985-8147

Test Levels

Skaters can go through the Skate Canada Test program in several areas:

  • Freeskate
  • Skills
  • Dance
  • Interpretive


It takes many years of hard work to complete all the test levels.


Low and High Tests

Tests are divided into Low Tests (Preliminary, Junior bronze, Senior bronze ,
Jr. Silver Freeskate & Skills; Preliminary, Junior Bronze, Senior Bronze Dances; all Interpretives) and High Tests (all tests not included in Low Tests).

Low Test Applications

Low Test application are now done ONLINE.

High Test Applications

High test applications are to be submitted online. Please go to BC Coast Test Registry to apply for a test. Coaches and the Club Test Chair (Coordinator) will be asked to approve the test(s) via email before payment is required through PayPal. For more information regarding this new test application system and upcoming high test schedule, please go to Skate Canada BC Coast Region.

Tests done at Competitions

Some tests may be taken at competitions. Certain competitions throughout the year allow particular tests to be done. There will be two different panels of judges watching the skater at the same time. One will be judging the skater for the competition, and the other will evaluate the skater using test criteria. This usually requires that the skater competes at a level above what she/he has already passed. This is called “skating up”.

You will also need to apply for these tests on-line. (Please see the information under “High Test Applications”.)

Test Results

Skaters will know if they passed or need to retry their test(s) by the end of the test day. Coaches will receive the test sheets with the evaluator’s marks and comments shortly after the test day, and will go over the sheets with their skaters.

If you have any questions, please contact Elaine Chong, VSC Test Chair (Coordinator): et.chong (at)


More technical details about figure skating testing